Norman Ravvin’s forthcoming memoir with University of Regina Press is Who Gets In: An Immigration Story.  Based on years of archival work, travel, and narrative musings, it portrays the early thirties in Canada and Poland from a new point of view.  His most recent novel, The Girl Who Stole Everything (2019) tells divergent stories of contemporary Poland and Vancouver.  In The Globe and Mail Jade Colbert called it one the best publications of its year from independent presses. His previous novels include The Joyful Child, illustrated by Melanie Boyle and lovingly printed at Gaspereau Press, and Lola by Night, published by independent publishers Cary Fagan and Bernard Kelly.  Ravvin’s early work, including his first novel, Café des Westens and his travelogue, Hidden Canada, were brought out as part of a longstanding collaborative relationship with Red Deer Press in Alberta.  Café des Westens won the Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism New Fiction Award.  His story collection Sex, Skyscrapers, and Standard Yiddish won the Ontario Arts Council K.M. Hunter Award.  A native of Calgary, his writing and interests are formed by youthful years spent in Vancouver and Toronto.  For two years he taught Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick.  He lives with his family Montreal, where he teaches at Concordia University.