Daniel Ross  is a music journalist and author. Currently, he is Managing Editor at Classic FM Interactive, the online arm of the UK’s biggest classical music radio station, and has written two non-fiction books for the station (Charting The Classics, and The Classic FM Handy Guide to Video Game Music). He has written on music for BBC Music, Rolling Stone, The Quietus, The Fly and many more. He was also a music researcher for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Something Understood’ and transcribed music for David Almond’s novel, ‘Ella Grey’. 

In his career as a freelance journalist, Daniel has interviewed the likes of Janelle Monáe, Alice Cooper, Danny Elfman, Danger Mouse, Wayne Coyne and many more. His fiction writing has been published in the US by F(r)iction, and his debut novel is due to be published in the UK by Unbound.

Video Game Music (Classic FM Handy Guides)

RuinstormElliott & Thompson, 2015

High quality soundtracks composed for video games have only been around for a few decades, but their popularity is fast becoming a global phenomenon. Packed full of essential information, this pocket-sized handbook explores the way the music has developed in step with gaming technology, as the once-niche genre increasingly enters the mainstream.

Classic FM's Handy Guides are a fun and informative set of introductions to standout subjects within classical music, each of which can be read and digested in one sitting: a perfect collectible series whether you're new to the world of classical music or an aficionado.

Charting the Classics: Classical Music in Diagrams

RuinstormElliott & Thompson, 2014

In this fun and light-hearted book, see the world of classical music as it's never been seen before. Using flow charts, pie charts, Venn diagrams, checklists, graphs and other ingenious graphics, the Classic FM team have neatly represented Britain's favourite pieces of classical music, musicians and composers, along with insights on orchestras, concert etiquette, and much more, in nearly 100 simple and amusing images. Music fans will be delighted by this alternative representation of the classical music world, surprised by some of the connections, and, yes, taxed by the occasional puzzle - but immensely satisfied once they have worked them all out. Published in partnership with Classic FM, this humorous collection is a must for both classical music fans and puzzle enthusiasts - it's also a witty and fun gift for music lovers of all stripes.