Rules and guidelines

  1. Please don’t send us completed manuscripts or any other material unless you have queried us first by email and received an invitation to submit your work. This means that we would like you to first send us a brief description of your work via email. In the subject line, write: New Submission QUERY.

  2. We only ask to see material if we think we can represent it effectively. Please do not send proposals or manuscripts unless we have specifically invited you to do so. Do not send queries with attachments.

  3. We do not acknowledge receipt of all queries we receive. Only queries of interest receive a response.

  4. We do not represent children's literature, screenplays, poetry, self-help books, or spiritual guides.

  5. We prefer to receive detailed proposals by email, but only when requested.   Contact info here.

Please do not send proposals or email attachments unless specifically requested by RLA.
Because we do not return submissions, it is essential that you keep a copy of your work.


If we ask you to send a proposal here's what it should provide

  1. Your complete contact info

  2. A one-page synopsis of your work a one-sentence description of your work that you feel would be an effective marketing “hook”

  3. A table of contents

  4. A sample chapter

  5. A well-researched summary of the existing and expected competition including names of competing books with author, publisher, date of publication, and details that will differentiate your work from this competition

  6. A brief biography of yourself, including any details that might allow you to help in the promotion and marketing of your work

We do our very best to make a decision within two weeks.
If we request material from you, please send it to the contact address.


I want to send my proposal