Foreign Rights for Martin Popoff titles

Martin Popoff has penned approximately 45 books on hard rock and heavy metal through a wide range of publishers and publishing arrangements. The following is a list of Martin's available titles. Any rights inquiries for these titles can be directed to Robert Lecker Agency. Existing foreign rights sales are noted.

Most of the titles below are available for updating, redesigning, and re-publishing in English for English-speaking territories as well.

Please contact Robert Lecker if you are interested in any of Martin's other titles not listed below, some of which have had rights secured variously in German, Finnish and Czech.

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Available Titles

Gettin' Tighter: Deep Purple '6876

Martin Popoff Gettin' TighterGettin' Tighter: Deep Purple '6876 contains 250 pages of analysis of all the albums from Mk. I through Mk. IV. Extensive interviewing of the band members (plus myriad other rockers) results in a thorough look at every song, plus a fair bit of tour discussion, photos, pictures of covers and ads, plus a discography.

Rights sold: Germany (Iron Pages); France (Camion Blanc); Brazil (NFL Zines); Czech Republic (Nava)

A Castle Full Of Rascals: Deep Purple '83'09

Martin Popoff Castle Full of RascalsA Castle Full Of Rascals: Deep Purple '83–'09 is Martin's new, approximately 300 page book covering part 2 of Purple's career (see also Gettin' Tighter: Deep Purple '68–'76). This title includes many new interviews, lots of pictures of the band, plus memorabilia shots and a discography—it's a love-in for the Morse era and beyond.

Rights sold: Germany (Iron Pages); France (Camion Blanc); Brazil (NFL Zines); Czech Republic (Nava)

Scorpions: Top of the Bill

Martin Popoff Scorpions Top of the BillScorpions: Top of the Bill is Martin's 256 page book which, hard to believe, is actually the first biography of the Teutonic metal masters. Every record from Lonesome Crow to Comeblack is covered in detail, on info-packed pages including 380 pictures.

Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed!

Martin Popoff Blue Oyster Cult Secrets Revealed

Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed! is a monster update and overhaul of Martin's most interesting and commercially successful band bio! This title includes new interview footage from most of the guys in the band plus some other folks, 174 live shots, and records and memorabilia shots. It all makes for 100 more pages of Cultster mischief and mayhem. Martin added a discography as well.

Dio: Light Beyond The Black

Martin Popoff Dio Light Beyond the BlackDio: Light Beyond The Black is Martin's book on the Dio band, including information right up until the Holy Diver – Live release. This title contains the extensive interviews with Ronnie that Martin has done over the years, as well as multiple chats with Vinny Appice, Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, and Doug Aldrich. Tracy G, Rowan Robertson, Jens Johansson, Mike Fraser and Jeff Pilson are also included in the telling of the story, which covers each studio album from Holy Diver through Master Of The Moon in detail. The title also includes a discography and a few photos, as well as much coverage of the tours.

Rights sold: Bulgaria (Addix); Germany (Iron Pages); Brazil (NFL Zines)

Rainbow: English Castle Magic

Martin Popoff English Castle MagicRainbow: English Castle Magic is Martin's 228 page book on the legendary Ritchie Blackmore vehicle, Rainbow, which was also the domain of beloved and classic Ronnie James Dio and Joe Lynn Turner recordings. This title covers Rainbow album by album, song by song, utilizing Martin's many, mostly unpublished interviews with the boys. It also includes band and solo discographies. The notorious hirings and firings, ghosts and practical jokes, drugs and drink… it's all here.

Rights sold: Germany (Iron Pages)

Black Sabbath FAQ

Martin Popoff Black Sabbath FAQBlack Sabbath FAQ is Martin's 400 page tome of trivia, odd stories, cool lists, records ranked, rarities ogled, fresh interview footage, memorabilia shots—a massive grab-bag of (occasionally manic) writing on various topics Sabbath-steeped and doomed to be interesting.

UFO: Shoot Out the Lights

Martin Popoff UFO Shoot Out the LightsUFO: Shoot Out the Lights is Martin's 257 page book on the classic and fantastic British band of rogues known as UFO. The title progresses album by album, song by song, utilizing Martin's many, mostly unpublished interviews with the boys. The title also includes band and solo discographies.

Rights sold: Germany (Iron Pages)

Fighting My Way Back: Thin Lizzy 6976

Martin Popoff Fighting My Way Back Thin Lizzy 69–76Fighting My Way Back: Thin Lizzy 69–76 is Martin's 280 page book on Lizzy's early years—from the band's inception through the first six albums, culminating in the smash hit Jailbreak. The title is written in Martin's usual album-by-album, track-by track-style, with lots of fresh interviews, and accompanied by a whopping 238 photos and rare memorabilia shots.

We Will Be Strong: Thin Lizzy 7681

Martin Popoff We Will Be Strong Thin Lizzy 76–81We Will Be Strong: Thin Lizzy 76–81 is the sequel to Fighting My Way Back: Thin Lizzy 69–76. The new title is 256 pages of rockin' Lizzy trivia, studded with 262 rare and archival pictures of memorabilia plus Phil and the boys rockin' out live. The book covers the classic drastic plastic otherwise known as Bad Reputation, Live and Dangerous, Black Rose and Chinatown.

It's Getting Dangerous: Thin Lizzy 8112

Martin Popoff It's Getting Dangerous Thin Lizzy 81–12It's Getting Dangerous: Thin Lizzy 81–12 is the third and final book in Martin's Thin Lizzy trilogy, following up Fighting My Way Back: Thin Lizzy 69–76 and We Will Be Strong: Thin Lizzy 76–81. The new title includes 248 pages of Lizzy trivia, studded with 236 rare and archival pictures of memorabilia plus Phil and the boys rockin' out live. Martin covers Renegade, Thunder and Lightning, Grand Slam, Phil solo, Phil's death, the re-emergence of the band without Phil, and adds an extensive discography.

Epic Ted Nugent

Martin Popoff Epic Ted NugentEpic Ted Nugent is Martin's 292 page book on The Whackmaster's fascinating, shoot 'em up rock 'n' roll career, focusing mainly on his classic albums for Epic Records, from '75 through '81. The title also includes a rich Amboy Dukes history, plus all of his Atlantic Records years, and his killer komeback with Craveman and Love Grenade.

Southern Rock Review

Martin Popoff Southern Rock ReviewSouthern Rock Review contains detailed, biographical reviews of 410 southern rock albums. The book is 200 pages and contains about 150 album cover shots—some rare, many just classic. Also included: an "if you like" section and a list of Martin's 8's, 9's and 10's.